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Ever since 2012, Screensolution has participated in CineAsia Hong Kong with its own booth. Every year brand new products are introduced to cinema related people.
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Signed a contract with PJSC Multiplex-Holding in Ukraine
Began to supply screens to Multiplex Cinemas, the biggest multiplex cinema chain in Ukraine. 
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Signed a 5-year sole contract with CJ CGV
CJ CGV is the top 5 cinema chains in worldwide, Screensolution signed a contract for five years to supply exclusively screen, frame, masking and others. One of the extradordinary auditoriums which named SphereX is collaborated with Screensolution.
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Signed a 5-year sole contract with CINEMAXX in Indonesia
Lippo group launched cinema chain named Cinemaxx in 2014. Screensolution supervised and shared our techniques.
Supplied to 21 theatres in the Lotte Cinema World Tower
Lotte cinema’s flagship theater, Screensolution supplied to the World Tower’s 21 theaters.
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Started export to overseas
Screens were supplied overseas countries such as to Mongolia, Japan, Pakistan, and South East Asia Etc.
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First installaiton on a large scale in cinema chains
About two years after opened the company, the main contracts were personal home or offices. Screensolution installed on a large scale in multiplex cinme chains in Korea.
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Established the Screensolution Co., Ltd.
Founded by Mr. Kim, Yosup with several collegues while he worked in Mongolia. CEO has been changed to current CEO Mr.Ko, Jeongbong in 2015.